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- Our Mission: Empower Students -

Biz Talks is an event entertainment company that empowers career-curious 
students through inspirational talks by accomplished alumni.

The Event

We lead the production of short, live talks that provide real insight into the business world. Our talks are designed to inspire business students with the stories of successful alumni from their respective university.  Each event explores 6 different business topics to provide students with a smorgasbord of the career options available through their major. After each event, there is a reception where alumni and students connect, build relationships and dive deeper into the topics they find most provoking.


Biz Talks was founded with the mission of empowering students from the beginning. While still students, we created the first event in 2015 with the goal of helping our peers see where different business majors might lead them. As we repeated and improved the event, we saw an opportunity for Biz Talks to impact students across the country. Today our goal is to empower as many students as we can reach through live events and online videos.

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