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Interested In speaking at a Biz Talks?

For a student of any standing, it is hard to decide what direction in business to pursue. Knowledge about what options are available to study, and where each option will lead is limited. One of the best ways to help give these students the insight they need is to share the stories of successful alumni who have been in their shoes, on their campus. It helps them see the relevance of their college experience and the impact they can make in the marketplace.

Biz Talks is designed to build a connection between students and alumni both individually and at scale. We will hold an event where engaging speakers will pique the interest of students in various fields through 8-minute speeches on an aspect of their professional experience. Students will leave knowing why you love what you do, and have a sense of what it has taken to achieve your present success. Alumni can share their experience and wisdom on the Biz Talks stage, and impact individuals at the event reception.

These high-energy speeches will be captured with multiple video cameras, with the final product professionally edited and uploaded to biztalks.co, Biz Talks’ social media, and the university’s website. Students everywhere can benefit from the event even if they cannot attend.

We invite you to join us on the Biz Talks stage, where your experience empowers students.

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